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Diving Courses

Scuba Training im Schwimmbad

Shamandura designed a diverse diving packages to fulfil our guests’ requirements and needs for ultimate experience during their holidays periods and plans

Dive Packages

Dive Package

 Whatever your interests each course will provide knowledge, skills and techniques which will ultimately make you a more proficient diver.



Shamandura diving covers all their guests with wide range of high-quality inspected scuba gears for all its diving activities.



Liveaboards allow divers to explore areas beyond the reach of dive resorts


Frau Diver

Featuring daily snorkeling and introduction dives boat trips to different destinations for our non-divers’ guests which looking forward to explore the underwater 

Snorkeling & Intro Dive

What we offer

Diving is in our DNA

We offer a full range of PADI programmes for everyone from absolute beginners to experienced pros. Find out why we’ve got all you need. Whether you’re starting out, getting ready for a holiday or you just want to dive with people who know their stuff, Shamandutra diving center offers a fun PADI training programme for you. Our experienced, professional instructors guide you through courses designed to fit your skill level.

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