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Snorkeling & Intro Dive

Diving is in our DNA

Featuring daily snorkeling and introduction dives boat trips to different destinations for our non-divers’ guests which looking forward to explore the underwater world of the red sea throughout snorkeling activities and discovery of scuba diving through intro dives carried out by our finest scuba instructors insuring a joyful yet educational diving introductions to beginners

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Fantastic Excursion to be done for Non-divers guests from what its containing of excitement and exploring the underwater wonders through surface snorkeling or freediving activities. Snorkeling have its charming experience for whom not eager to scuba dive and children. our daily boat trips to exotic marine life snorkeling friendly sites to Tiran island and Ras Mohamed National park including lunch & beverage are always conducted with one of our dive masters to ensure safety to all our guests at all times.

Price: Euro

Intro dive

Introductory diving, also known as trial diving are dives where people without diver training or certification can experience S.C.U.B.A. under the guidance of a scuba diving instructor. INTRO Dive is an opportunity for interested people to find out by practical experience if they would be interested in greater involvement in scuba diving world community.

Intro Dive from the shore

Intro Dive from the boat

Price: Euro 180
Price: Euro 180